Our Story

1984 – 1994

With a BetaCam SP Camera and an attitude to deliver the Highest Quality Video and Service possible, L4 was born!

Over 30+ years we have served many Premier Brands, Product Companies, TV Shows, and Networks around the world.

How? Because our goal is to create visuals and stories that are better than anything our customers could ever imagine!

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In 1994, L4‘s principles entered into the competitive world of Construction and began to take off, really take off.

Instead of focusing cameras, we were swinging hammers. We grew fast and have built many Large Structures all over the US East Coast. L4Builders.com

It is through this arena that L4 learned Documentary Filmmaking.

The US Federal Government noticed our Construction Videos and began building a working relationship that has lasted decades.


eraser mini

L4 is pulled back into the wild world of Main Stream filmmaking. This time Hollywood called.

Arnold, a well-known actor, needed a Schwarzenegger sized Rail Gun for his upcoming Warner Brothers Box Office smash film, Eraser.

L4 quickly morphed into a prop shop to provide an integral part for the film’s key plot device, the Rail Gun.


After years of hard work and dedication, blessings were raining down. L4 Productions and L4 Construction combined forces and created L4 Enterprises Inc.

In 2006, L4 continued to build quality Buildings and our Production Division began working with Travis Wall (from Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance).

travis wall jaimie g mini

Present Day

L4 is rolling along. Our growing Team continues to set high standards of quality and service, utilizing new technologies to create spectacular stories and visuals that our customers are proud of.

Whether we are on the Construction Site or in the Production Field, L4 is ready to serve!

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